How big is the threat? A Cyber Security chat with a former FBI Special Agent

The level and frequency of sophisticated cyber attacks is increasing. Rajesh speaks with Michael FD Anaya (former FBI Special Agent and Cyber Security expert) to understand how big this threat is and what we can do about that.

How to improve your productivity

It’s hard to maintain high productivity levels. But there are techniques that help you improve your productivity. Watch this video to learn more about those techniques.

Should you invest in tools and frameworks?

If you are just commencing with your Agile journey, should you purchase all the popular Agile tools and apply expensive frameworks? Watch the video to learn more.

What is Agile?

Is Agile a methodology? A mindset? A way to develop products? A software development methodology? A project management methodology? A new way of working? A set of values and principles? Something else?

If you are confused like many of us have been, then this video might help you resolve some of your confusion.

Who are Agile coaches and what do they do?

Many organisations hire people with titles Agile coaches. But what makes a good Agile coach? Watch this video to learn more.

Fake Agile

What is fake Agile? How do you spot it? In this video, I talk with Glenn and discuss what practices constitute fake Agile. Enjoy!

What is Cyber Security?

I speak with Santhosh Tuppad about Cyber Security, hacking, application security and how to be secure online in general. As a cyber security specialist, Santhosh provides his perspective and also gives good tips to audience.

Should you have meetings and how to improve stand-ups

Almost every employee dreads meetings. Many of the meetings are in fact useless and a complete waste of everyone’s time. Scrum meetings or the stand up meetings are becoming popular because they focus on important actions and are limited to only 15 minutes.

In this video we discuss why meetings can be wasteful activities, how to improve them, what are scrum (stand up) meetings and how to run them effectively.

Cyber Laws and Security While Working Remotely

Remote working or working from home has created more issues than what many can imagine. These issues impact both employers as well as employees. These issues relate to cyber security, online safety, legal issues, health and wellbeing. So what can you do to protect yourself from such issues? Paul Cenoz and Rajesh Mathur discuss issues facing a modern workforce working at and from home.

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A chat about our favourite books

Do you like to read books? Which are your favourite ones? In this video Glenn and I talk about some of the interesting books in our book shelves.