Talks & Publications

Here is a non-exhaustive list of my talks, publications and workshops. I have not included some of the training or workshops that I delivered to private clients. This list also does not include the tons of posts that I have written either on LinkedIn or on my previous blog which I had to delete due to security issues. 

Year 2020 -2016

Year 2020 – 2016

Talk: Many ways to prioritise a backlog – July 2020 YouTube video: My talk at the Agile BAs and POs meetup in Melbourne

Webinar: How big is the threat? A Cyber Security chat with Michael F D Anaya (former FBI Special Agent)
July 2020 YouTube link

Webinar: From Cyber Security to flat white: a webinar on staying safe online during the crisis
May 2020, Presented with Paul Cenoz (cyber law expert and Australian/ North American Lawyer) YouTube Link

Remote talk: How do you prioritise your backlog?
Mar 2020, Co-hosted with Dave Martin (Agile Coach), Delivery Leadership meetup

Lightning Talk: Organisational transformation models: A symphony of short talks,
Feb 2020, Delivery Leadership meetup

Paper: Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy Submission
November 2019, Department of Home Affairs

Agile Culture Conference, Facilitator – Organiser
September 2019,

Panel discussion chair: Are Agile coaches crossing the line? A panel discussion about Coaching & Counselling
Jul 30, 2019 LAST Conference
It was a panel discussion on the subject of coaching and counselling. I invited few respected Agile consultants and coaches as well as a well-known psychologist.

Talk and workshop: Mapping your thinking
Jul 18, 2018 LAST conference 2018
A talk-workshop about the critical thinking skills leading into a hands-on session on Lotus Blossom technique.

Games for Agile people: Lean Agile Systems Thinking Conference
Jun 29, 2017

Talk: Mapping your thinking
June 07, 2018 Colonial FirstState Delivery Team, Melbourne

Talk: Technical Skills are Important, Human Skills are Critical
Mar 17, 2017, Phoenix

Talk: What Seems to Be the Problem, Tester? Identifying Problems & Providing ElectrifyingSolutions
Mar 14, 2017, Phoenix

Article: Quality index: Fooled by measurement
Aug 23, 2016 (new URL is here.)
The software industry seems to have an obsession with metrics and measurement. I tried to refute some unnecessary measurement in this article.

Panel member: Agile Contracts | Flexibility versus need for contractual certainty
Jul 1, 2016
I was one of the panel members at the panel discussion on the difference between the flexibility of Agile and the corporate need for locking down contractual elements.

Talk: Improving software in a discombobulated industry
Jul 1, 2016 Lean Agile Systems Thinking conference
A thought provoking talk on the current industry and ideas on improving software.

Track Host at Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking (LAST) conference 2016
Jun 30, 2016
The organisers of the LAST conference invited me to be the track host for the Quality Track. The LAST Conference is the largest Agile conference in Australia. As a track host, I invited speakers, reviewed submissions, assisted speakers in grooming their talks, organised and managed game sessions of critical thinking & problem solving. I was a panel member at day 2 opening of the conference (

Article: Transforming a test manager into a test leader
May 2016
Other authors: Lee Hawkins

Talk: Software Test Automation Group meetup
Mar 31, 2016

Article: Testers’ FAQs on Certification
Jan 2016 Testing Circus Magazine
With other authors

Year 2015- 2014

Article: A Painter who had a Certificate
Dec 22, 2015 Testing Circus Magazine

Academic Paper: Adaptive Automation: Leveraging Machine Learning to Support Uninterrupted Automated Testing of Software Applications
August 2015,                                                              

Article: Testing vs. Checking applied – Testing Trapeze Magazine         
August 11, 2015

Article: The Thing Called Leadership! – TeaTimewithTesters Magazine
June 30, 2015    

Keynote speech – Next Gen Testing Conference 2015, Melbourne
May 27, 2015 Unicom Conferences

Webinar on Business Value of Testing with Dr. Lee Hawkins 
May 14, 2015,                   

Interview published in TeaTimeWithTesters magazine
May 18,  2015,      

Article: LinkedIn PDCA, Testers are you ready?
February 03, 2015,   


Article: Pragmatism of Test Estimation
December 16, 2014,

Lightning Talk: Communication in Agile: Melbourne Agile and Scrum User Group, Melbourne
October 29, 2014,

Year 2013-2012

Talk: HKSQA2013 & Guest at the Opening Ceremony of HKSTCC, Hong Kong
December 09, 2013,                                                                                

Talk: EuroSTAR Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 04, 2013, 

Keynote Speaker: Seminar on Advanced Testing of Mission Critical Systems, Hong Kong
September 28, 2013,!                                                   

Talk: Let’s Test Conference, Sydney 
August 05, 2013,                                                                            

Talk: OZWST, Sydney 
August 03, 2013,                                                                                        

Article: Context-Driven Delivery           
July, 2013    

Talk: Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC2013), Melbourne
June 06, 2013                                                                  

Talk: HKCS /HKSPIN Testing event, Hong Kong
April 26, 2013,

Panel Member, Discussion on Promoting Software Engineering
April 24, 2013, Innovation and Technology Commission, Hong Kong Government                 

Article:  Bugs Seen ‘Round the World
April 18, 2013 Association for Software Testing, USA                                                                    

Article : Future Tester is a Smart Tester
March 21, 2013 – Online & Print                                                         

Article: Threats and Challenges to the Testing Profession
February 14, 2013, Association for Software Testing, USA                                                                                        

Conference Chair: Peer conference Testing Meet-up in Hong Kong
February 14, 2013, Association for Software Testing, USA                                                                                        

Talk: ITMEP2013 Conference, Hong Kong
January 17, 2013, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Guest: Seminar on Software Testing Service
January 14, 2013, Hong Kong Council for Testing & Certification


Article: Testing in the Cloud: Bane or Boon?
December 01, 2012 – Online & Print                                                                             

Organizer: Context-Driven Dining, Testing Meet up, Hong Kong
May 09, 2012, Association for Software Testing, USA 

Year 2009- 2008

Article: 5 reasons why your Agile Testing project will fail
December 1, 2009  – Online & Print  


Three-in-One Consolidated Delivery Template
July 28, 2008