A friend of mine has a spreadsheet full of great business ideas, including a few that could make her a millionaire as soon as she implements them…she says!

But, she isn’t a millionaire. She works 9-5, or may be longer.

She works because she never executed any of those ideas. Never!

She does keep her notebook safe, so that no one can steal her ideas. I never told her that her startup ideas are worthless, if she’s not going to execute or implement them.

Executing an idea is hard. You have to act on many things including building the product or service, sales, marketing, taxes, regulations, customer support, etc.

There are no other options.

On the other hand, holding on to an idea is easy, because it satisfies your ego that you own something, even if it is abstract and intangible.

When someone says that they don’t want their idea to be stolen, they’re assuming that others can read their mind and download their thoughts about what the product will do and how it will do it.

No one can steal what you have in your mind. At least not yet.

No one can steal the unique combination of your vision, experience, and expertise that you bring to your business.

Stolen ideas are often cheap replicas.

Others can only make a guess of your vision. They can’t copy that.

Executing an idea demands a combination of skills, strategy, and dedication.

It’s about turning dreams into actionable plans and persevering through the challenges that will inevitably surface, even when you don’t want them to.

So, while it’s natural to feel protective of your ideas, it’s crucial to recognise that the real value lies in your ability to execute them.

Ideas are the starting point, but execution is the journey that leads to success, whichever way you define it.

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