Bite Size Courses...

…so that you can learn on the go!

☑ Agile concepts, tools and techniques to help you develop and grow your skills and career.

☑ Gain a competitive advantage by learning about Agile skills that are in demand.

☑ Improve your product delivery skills with interactive, short lessons.

Remote Big Room Planning Masterclass

Organising and running in-person Big Room Planning events require a lot of effort, planning and co-ordination. Taking all of that online with remote or distributed teams adds another layer of complexity to this planning effort.

In this training, I will give you step-by-step instructions for running a Big Room Planning meeting successfully with distributed teams.

What  You Will Get:

Planning instruction for pre-BRP, on the day and post-BRP
Checklists for planning, Scrum of Scrums etc.
Templates for Working Agreement, BRP agenda, program board
Tooling ideas for brainstorming, team discussions (breakout), confidence voting and “how the team feels”

Duration: 2 hours | Price : $249

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Systems Mapping for Delivery Leaders

A systems map is the tool that empowers you with deep understanding of the systems you will be dealing with. It shows the depth and breadth of your program to everyone involved and assists them in contributing to your initiatives.

Are you a program lead, delivery manager, PO, Senior BA or other delivery professional managing a large project? This training will help you create a systems map that not only will provide you a holistic view in a glance, but also bring clarity for stakeholders, team members and business colleagues.

What You Will Get:

– System mapping and its benefit
– Demo of a systems map
Step by step instructions for creating a systems map
Tool suggestions for brainstorming, whiteboarding and mapping

Duration: 40 minutes/  INTRODUCTORY Price $49.00

A New Product Owner’s Guide to Prioritisation

You are a new Product Owner and your job is to prioritise work for/with the team. How do you do that? And that too effectively?

In just 60 minutes you’ll learn the basics of prioritisation.

What You Will Get:

What is prioritisation
– Why prioritise
What are the many ways to prioritise work
– Which technique to use and when

Duration: 60 minutes/  INTRODUCTORY Price: $49.00

All about User Stories

User stories are the building blocks of a desired product. Yet, a vast majority of Agile teams write user stories incorrectly, some write them as detailed requirements and some don’t know why and how to write them.

What You Will get:

Why craft user stories
What are good user stories
Who writes user stories
When to write them
How to write them well

Duration: 60 Minutes |  INTRODUCTORY Price: $30.00

From 0 to 64 Ideas Quickly: Brainstorming Technique

Do you want to generate 64 ideas in a very short period of time? All that is required is a technique, motivation and some collaboration with your team.

What You Will Get:

– Benefit of using the Lotus  Blossom technique
– Instructions and a demo of technique
– Template for Lotus Blossom

Duration: 30 minutes | INTRODUCTORY Price: $20.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Huh? What are Bite Sized Lessons?
The bite-sized lessons are short, few minutes traning-modules. Who wants to sit in a full-day class anyways?

What's the point of short lessons?

Short lessons give you a chance to learn a skill quickly. Our brains are powerful enough to capture details even if they aren’t complete. Don’t believe me? Can Yuor Barin Raed Tihs? Also Y0UR M1ND 15 R34D1NG 7H15 4U70M471C4LLY W17H0U7 3V3N 7H1NK1NG.

Any other benefits of short, quick lessons?

Yes, there’re many:

– Small lessons allow you to learn anywhere, anytime.
– People are busy and can’t spend much time learning. A short course is a good solution.
– Remote working has added more complexity to our work-life balance and has impacted our learning time. Small, flexible lessons give us a chance to get that time.
– Lastly, human span of attention is known to be ephemeral.

Are these training interactive?

Of course they are! I record videos and screens where applicable to explain a concept to you.

If I don't like a training, can I ask for refund?

Sadly no. All of these training are inexpensive and the refund process not only creates an overhead for me, it also costs me in transaction fee.

I can buy you a coffee if you’re in Melbourne and if you give me feedback? 🙂

Do You Offer Onsite, full-day training too?

I do onsite training too. Please email me at

What people say about my training

I attended Rajesh’s virtual class on organising remote Big Room Planning. The class is full of practical advice, tips, gotchas to be careful of, techniques and stories from his own experience.

The course content and all supporting material that Rajesh shared after the class including the instructions, checklists, templates etc are tremendously useful. I highly recommend this course to anyone trying their hands on Remote Big Room Planning.

(Name withheld on request)

Delivery Manager, Australian Financial Institution, Sydney

I invited Rajesh to deliver training for my team. We had exceptional time learning, playing and collaborating. His training was full of nuggets of wisdom and leaves you with a drive to learn and tricks & techniques to apply. I continued with a number of coaching sessions with Rajesh and these sessions have been immensely helpful in my professional life. Rajesh is a great listener, excellent mentor, and a genuine person.

Gil Levy

Manager, Tech Support & QA, Sydney

..Raj guided us through by running a combination of one-on-one coaching sessions, group masterclasses and team workshops. I for one benefited a great deal from those. He is able to draw on his many years of experience working in different companies on a wide variety of projects to design solutions specific to the job in hand, rather than applying a cookie cutter approach. To top it all off, Raj is an absolute gentleman with a great sense of humour and a vault full of relevant, insightful stories that help bring even the driest of topics to life..

Marc Glassman

Product Owner