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What are you scaling? Agility or complexity?

What are you scaling? Agility or complexity?

When executives, managers & even team members say that scaling Agile was about scaling the usage of practices (& tools) to more teams and departments, what do they really mean? Or, do they know what they were talking about? Scaling agility is about increasing...

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I am super impressed with the professionalism of your site Rajesh; it gets more and more impressive each time I view it. I am a huge fan of yours and will continue to be.

With this new dedicated platform to share your skills and course offerings with everyone, I continued to be amazed with the work you do.

Laura Standish-Daniel

Account Executive, Microsoft

I follow your post and blogs and I must say they are very practical, direct to the context and insightful. I always make notes and try to implement to improve at a personal and professional level. Keep inspiring us and keep writing good and useful stuff, Rajesh.

Anil Payla

Senior Project Manager, Sun Life


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