About me

You’re possibly here because you are keen to learn more about your craft or you are one of those rare few who always look for ways to improve themselves. Whoever you are, good on you!

Whether you’re a…

         Delivery Manager or a Scrum Master
         Program Manager or a Business Analyst
         Or any other delivery professional…

…you probably want to make your assignments (projects, products, services) successful by delivering them on some parameter of value, be it time or budget or quality. You may even want to exceed on these parameters.

I have had my share of success and failure in the past and I am sure that you can learn from my experiences. 

So welcome!

Hi, I’m Rajesh.

I’m a delivery coach and consultant. Currently I work for Microsoft as a Principal Project Manager. For the past 25 years I have helped people and companies deliver outcomes they want by managing or coaching their products and projects in various roles. I have been a developer, tester, project manager, delivery manager, portfolio manager, business person and a director. 


I’m very sure that you’ve heard someone say…

 Frameworks are everything! If you follow such and such framework,  you’ll look good and be successful.”

Or… “X certification is the answer to your problems. Get that and you’ll (get a better job or get promoted or deliver outcomes)!”

Or… “Spend your budget on tools. That’s the only way to be Agile!”

Or… “It takes years building your brand and you really need to be (special, rich, famous) to do so!”

The truth is: THAT’S ALL NON-SENSE. Why? Two reasons: 1) companies aren’t one size fits all; and 2) context matters. 

Then, at the end of the day, people are people. We’ve different skill sets, different ways of doing things, and we have abilities to develop ourselves to shine. 

As the saying goes, “Bloom where you are planted”.

There are plenty of good and bad ideas floating around, you have to identify and decide what’s right for you and your business. You can’t focus on everything, and neither should you.

 There are a few strategies for every business that push the bar. I know how to apply them.

 And I’ll share them with you.

 If you want to learn from my success (and struggle) and grow in your role or be successful at delivery, keep reading…


Here’s how my journey looks like.

Over the years, I have experienced and observed how beneficial keeping my personal brand visible has been to me.

My intention is not to bore you by telling my story or to boast about my achievements. Instead I genuinely want to motivate you. What I haven’t told you yet is that I was born in a lower middle income family and that I didn’t speak English fluently at least until the age of 16. I started teaching younger students during college, worked on Radio as a casual announcer, hosted stage shows as emcee, did few TV shows, started a coaching centre, started an internet cafe in ‘90s and also started a web development company in mid-’90s before it came crashing down due to Y2K.


Meet-ups & Workshops Organised

Participants in my conferences

members in my meet-ups

Fast forward to present.

Before settling in Australia in 2014, I was lucky to be headhunted from US to UK, then from UK to Hong Kong and afterwards from Hong Kong to Australia.

In the past decade and half, I have travelled to USA, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Macau, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Taiwan, South Korea among others for work, consulting, speaking or leisure.

In 2013, Hong Kong Productivity Council invited me as a signatory at the opening of the Hong Kong Testing and Certification Authority which certifies products and services.

While I think luck immensely favoured me, I also believe that I helped luck to favour me. All of those head-hunters who found me on LinkedIn or those executives who offered well paid consulting assignments didn’t do that by chance. They approached me and offered something because I was visible to them (or to someone in my network) and what I brought to the table was valuable to them.

What I feel sad about is that I have met or come across many experienced and highly skilled professionals who struggle to find employment that matches their level of expertise. Many of these good people were either underpaid or worked for nitwits. In some cases, some of these individuals couldn’t even find decent jobs.

Sadly, often this comes down to building a brand and marketing your hard earned skills. But, a vast majority suffers from unawareness of building a personal brand.

I know not everyone would agree with me. “Marketing” can appear like a dirty word. But, that’s not the word’s fault.

Through this platform, I want to assist all those professionals who deserve more, can do better, only if someone gives them a little nudge. 

On this site, you’ll find tips, tricks, techniques, reviews, recommendations, opinions and more covering areas such as systems thinking, personal improvement, organisational improvement, Agile, software testing, start-ups, entrepreneurship, career etc.

I hope you find your nudge here!