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The Problem of Overthinking Problems

The Problem of Overthinking Problems

People inadvertently overthink problems. I lead some large (MM$) initiatives with sizable teams. One thing that I've observed, and have been observing for a while which has been consistent is that people spend way too much time over-thinking problems and solutions....

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Do you bring problems or solutions?

Do you bring problems or solutions?

This is a classic phrase , mostly with the managers of a traditional mindset. However, this phrase, "Come to me with a solution (or options), and not with problems" can also be debatable.  Look, any good manager would want his or her team members to apply critical...

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How a Google Maps Review Got Me a Job Offer

How a Google Maps Review Got Me a Job Offer

I once received a job offer just because someone I vaguely knew read one of my restaurant reviews. Here’s what happened... I was dropping off my son at school one morning and as usual, saying hello to other parents and teachers who I knew. Among those was a father...

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Rajesh led the delivery of one of the largest, most complex and high profile projects at Australian Unity. We had approximately 50 people in the project team other than key stakeholders.
Raj comes with an open mind, clear purpose and composure. He quickly connected with people and helped me build a cohesive team. He has superior facilitation, coaching and mentoring skills. We were able to seamlessly transition to remote work without any impact to our program despite a pandemic situation. This was largely due to Raj’s ability in transforming teams through agility, experimentation and use of unconventional ideas.
Raj has excellent client, stakeholder and people management skills along with high level of delivery and program management skills. He has a very good sense of humour that made the team bond together well. 
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Raj and strongly recommend him for his Agile skills and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.
Mary Giffin

Program Director

Rajesh managed delivery of one of my projects. I have very much appreciated Rajesh’ collaborative and calm approach and the terrific working relationships he had developed across what was a complex project structure.

David Lumb

Group Executive, Customer Digital and Technology, Australian Unity


About me

Hi , my name is Rajesh Mathur. I am a consultant, coach and facilitator with extensive experience in sensemaking, delivery, software development, testing and Agile practices that I have been living for over 24 years now. Read more

Rajesh is a master of Agile delivery and an excellent coach and facilitator. He makes  complex concepts easier to understand by sharing practical examples. I’d definitely recommend Rajesh to anyone interested in improving their Agile practices.

Faraz Ahmad

Group CIO, Interplex Singapore

Rajesh, a natural leader, has a great way with people. He is able to “lift” them, he helps them grow and develop. He is an excellent communicator and is able to effectively utilise his team to deliver results. I enjoyed working with Rajesh and appreciated his support.

Con Horaitis

Regional Technology Director - Australasia, JLL Technologies

His mentoring & coaching has allowed me to improvise the way I project myself in the job market and look for new opportunities. I hope to continue learning for a long time from his rich experience in the tech world.
Chidambaram Ganesan

Software Tester, Moolya India